PhD Energy Law

M.Phil and M.Phil/PhD (Energy Law)

Admission Requirements for M.Phil and M.Phil/PhD Degree in Energy Law are as follows:

  • Candidates with relevant and applicable LL.M degree can proceed to M.Phil or M.Phil/PhD.
  • Candidates may be required to take and pass an approved combination of 800 level courses.
  • Candidates will be required to carry out an original research and submit a dissertation on a topic chosen in consultation with the supervisor and approved by the University Senate.

Admission Requirements for PhD Degree (Energy Law)

Entry into the PhD programme shall be on a competitive basis. The following are the criteria for admitting students to the programme:

  • Admission is open to candidates who have attained a minimum average of 60% in any of the relevant and LL.M (Energy Law) degree programmes.
  • Candidates for the M.Phil Degree Programme of the University of Ibadan who have satisfied the course requirements for the degree and have been permitted by Senate to upgrade their registration on the basis of satisfactory progress in research.

Regulations Governing the Award of the Degree

Examinations shall be conducted in accordance with existing regulations of the Postgraduate School, University of Ibadan. To qualify for the award of PhD, the following conditions must be fulfilled. The candidate must sit for and pass all the compulsory courses as well as any combination of one set of elective courses. The candidate must also satisfy all other requirements of the postgraduate school governing the award of the PhD degree.

The two elements of the Centre's academic activities are course work and thesis writing.

Preference will be given in the selection process to women and those who are being sponsored by industry, or any other organization