Objectives of CPEEL

The Centre aims at establishing a world class graduate training and research programme in Energy Economics and Law at the University of Ibadan with the following objectives:

  1. Provide a forum for sound training of energy personnel to bridge the knowledge and skill gaps in the energy sector in a multidisciplinary framework.
  2. Strengthen human capacity building in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa, (SSA), by increasing the pool of energy specialists, teachers, researchers and policy analysts.
  3. Provide a forum for independent and relevant multidisciplinary research into local, regional and global issues related to energy.
  4. Develop the human capacity to formulate and implement policies and regulations that could improve management of and increase the benefits of natural resources in Nigeria and SSA to the overall economy.
  5. Establish a bridge between energy sector professionals and institutions, and the general public, including consumer groups, media and other relevant civil society organizations via outreach activities and training programmes so that policies and regulations can be better scrutinized by majority of the society.
  6. Promote sustainable energy and human development through training, research and information dissemination.
  7. Disseminate research findings and other information to influence and inform public debate on strategic policy and management issues in the interface between energy, environment, economy and the society.
  8. Collect, process, store, manage and disseminate a credible energy data base.
  9. Be a depository of energy data generation and management in the region.

Overall, the Centre through its various programmes seeks to train Nigerians as well as citizens of other countries in the SSA region so as to meet their energy personnel requirements with focus on energy economists, lawyers, planners and operators, instead of going abroad to procure such training.